Darren and the A-Team are so honored and excited to host you for the DARREN HARDY BUSINESS MASTER CLASS. The strategies and information Darren will share over the course of four days has enabled thousands of CEOs and top business leaders to significantly grow their business and make their impact.

With the world now operating virtually, we are now delivering the breakthrough strategies, guidance, and training you need directly to you-no travel necessary.

As your Business Master Class dates approach, we will send you up-to-date information via the email address you enrolled with. We also suggest bookmarking this event details page as we’ll continue to add helpful resources & FAQ responses that will help you prepare for this life-altering experience.
Prepare for your upcoming event experience by doing these suggestions right away.
HERE is a downloadable version of this checklist if you prefer to print.
Our Business Master Class will take place May 19-21. Though we are planning for our program to be between 7:00am-4:00pm PT, we suggest blocking the full days so you can have some flexibility. And so you can add in reflection and planning time during the evening hours.

If you enrolled in our Bonus Upgrade Day, please also block May 22.

Subscribe to our Business Master Class calendar.
A pre-event IMPACT PRIMER exercise is in the front of your Business Master Class handbook. We have also made this available virtually HERE as well.

Prepare for Success… And remember, you only get out of a program what you put into it—PLAY FULL OUT!
We HIGHLY recommend getting out of your home during the event.
This will ensure you can stay fully focused and immersed in this dense, intense, laser-focused, and fast-paced experience Darren has prepared for you.

A local hotel or AirBnB type getaway location works well.
Regardless or where you decide to stay during your Business Master Class experience, ensure you have strong internet connection as our entire gathering is hosted online.
Even though this is an online event, you will want to look your best during the networking sessions. We invite you to download and check out our
With this being an online conference, you’ll want to make sure you have food planned ahead of time so you can stay focused on the content. We encourage you to plan ahead and either prep food yourself ahead of time, or order locally through a food prep service provider or restaurant. If you do this, it’ll be one less logistical detail to worry about during our event time.
And that’s it... You are all set!
We will see you (virtually!) on May 19th!
Q: What is the schedule for the Business Master Class together?
You will receive a detailed agenda letter via email approximately one week before your session. For planning purposes, please utilize the following session outline for general time blocking purposes:

May 18, (time TBD soon)

May 19-21, 7:00am to 4:00pm PST

May 22, 7:00am to 4:00pm PST
To upgrade your experience, go here.
Q: What are the topics to be covered at Darren’s Business Master Class?
Darren will cover more than 500 business-building breakthrough ideas pulled directly from the strategy playbooks of those who have risen to become the captains of industry and prime impact makers in the modern era.

You’ll learn the framework for how to build and scale a high-growth and high-performing enterprise that can catapult you to the top of your marketplace and make you the stand out exception in your community.

EXPONENTIAL REVENUE GROWTH: New markets, leads, conversions, partnerships and recurring revenue.

MARKET DOMINANCE POSITIONING: Becoming the sought after market authority in your industry and community.

CULT-LIKE CLIENT FOLLOWING: Building a large, loyal, and passionate client following (online and offline).

SUSTAINABLE & SCALABLE GROWTH: Systems for repeat and recurring revenue through referral marketing strategies.

TEAM BUILDING*: Finding, vetting, hiring and leading A-player talent to high-performance.

CULTURE BUILDING*: Culture building, team engagement, and mission-driven alignment.

Q: What is the VIP experience? Would I benefit from that too?
All of our Business Master Class attendees are important, exceptional business leaders, and extraordinary human beings, no exceptions.

At the same time, the VIP experience gives you exclusive access to Darren and the other VIPs. It is for those who choose to step up and go all in during this unique and special event experience.

In addition to the groundbreaking and profit producing content, VIPs will experience:

VIP-Exclusive Virtual Room Networking

Accessible for live interaction with Darren during event

Daily ‘Open Mic’ Networking Hours with Darren & A-Team

Led by Julie, VP of VIP Relations + special guests

VIP for the May 2021 Session is FULL
Please contact Julie/Sarah ASAP here if you'd like to join the VIP waiting list.

*Seats are extremely limited and always sell out quickly. We limit the number of VIPs to deliver an intimate and purposeful experience.
Q: What are the technology requirements to participate in this virtual event?
Darren’s Business Master Class is delivered LIVE virtually. A private, distraction-free environment with a reliable internet connection for the 3-4 days you are with us is all you need.

We recommend removing yourself from your work/family life completely if you can. While you won’t have to deal with planes, trains and travel, we do recommend you consider staying at a private location locally such as a hotel or AirBnB retreat.

This will ensure you can stay fully focused and immersed in this dense, intense, laser-focused, and fast-paced experience Darren has prepared for you.
Q: This is a significant investment for me and my business. How do I best prepare for this experience?
Our strong recommendation is that you treat this as an “off-site” training experience. As if you were leaving for bootcamp and needing to remain detached until the “camp” was complete and you could return home and back to regular “civilian” life.

We recommend checking into a local hotel, resort, or renting an AirBnB and dedicating the entire 3-4 days away from your home or office.

Even if you are attending with your team, find an offsite location to check into. Spend the live sessions in your individual rooms and then you can get together to discuss takeaways and execution strategies during meals or after sessions.

Plan ahead for meals. One of the benefits of a virtual experience is that you have complete control over your eating plan. We suggest using a food delivery service or prepping lunches and snacks ahead of time. Pack plenty of coffee and water too!
Q: I want to bring a colleague with me. Do we receive discounted member seats?
YES! We highly encourage enrolling your key leadership team members. To make it easy for you, the registration fee for adding team members is only $3,995 per additional seat once you are registered.

To add members contact Julie/Sarah here.
Q: I want to participate in the networking sessions. How do I prepare?
Dress to Impress - The dress code for our time together is what Darren calls “prosperous casual.” You will be with quite an influential group (from the waist up at least!) so you will want to look your best during the networking sessions, even though they are hosted virtually.

Virtual Video Tips - Please set up your on camera based on virtual video best practices.

You Get Out What You Put In - The networking sessions CAN be incredibly valuable! Push yourself to visit multiple rooms and make the best connections you can with this outstanding group of high achievers, just like you. Prepare in advance with great questions. When talking one on one or to the group, be purposeful, be brief and be brilliant.

Q: I can’t make it to my scheduled session and need to cancel my seat. What are my options?
Once you have made the commitment and enrolled into a specific Business Master Class, you may still cancel for a full refund, without penalty, as long as you do so more than 45 days in advance of your selected class start date.

If you need to cancel within the 45 days period before the Business Master Class session date, you can transfer to a future Business Master Class date without penalty.
Q: I am attending with my team. What should I expect?
First, you will need to make sure that all of your team member’s information including shipping address have been sent to Sarah, Director of VIP Relations, via email. This will ensure that you get all of your materials on time.

Again, we highly encourage you to participate in the Business Master Class together, at the same off-site location, but experience the live sessions privately and individually. You can come together as a team during breaks, meals, and after sessions.
What better way to prepare for success than taking some tips from our Alumni!
Tom Gilman
★★ Alumni
CEO, Biosero
Write down the key issues you need to address and LASER in on them during the Business Master Class. Also prepare to be mentally "uncomfortable."
Make a goal to introduce yourself to five new people each day.
Tammera Hollerich
★★★ Alumni
CEO, Mirus3 Consulting
Do 3 things to yield maximum benefit:

1) Stay in the moment
2) Take great notes (rewriting them each night to reinforce the information)
3) FOCUS your attention on the material before you.
Essentially...play FULL OUT!
Joshua Smith
★★★ Alumni
Owner and Host, GSD Mode
Stay disconnected as long as you need to in order to create a detailed implementation plan. Don't miss out on your million-dollar idea!

Darren recommends taking some time after your intense learning journey to stay disconnected and gather your best ideas.
Jeremy Olivotti
★★★ Alumni
Vice President of Preconstruction, Mid-States Concrete
Be present and eliminate all distractions. It’s like drinking from a firehose, so take notes until your hand can’t write any more. After the event, take a couple days to narrow your focus on the next three things you are going to do. Then don’t let anything stop you.
We suggest you prepare yourself mentally to GO ALL IN!
Be ready to put your email auto-responders on to truly check out of the office and be fully present during our Business Master Class event. Your team is counting on you to be fully present at this event so you can take back all of the information and ideas.