"I decided to join Hero’s Journey and do so right away, because I feel it’s going to be a solid investment for both myself and my team. I purchased a team pack without being exactly sure who would be in the group yet. But I know it’s going to make a big difference for my practice and in the lives of everyone who goes through this experience."
"As a leader during COVID with a team all over the country, Darren's JUMPSTART program helped us have record breakthroughs in our business. Because of this and how much closer our team became, we have enrolled in Hero's Journey next. I have done all sorts of personal development with several mentors for more than thirty years. Out of all of those, Darren's training and implementation just works!"
Leanne Gabriel
"I’m so excited that I bought a team pack. I’m bringing my team along with me and we’re really looking forward to this program. Because I know it’s going to make us better and I know it’s going to help us rise and be the leaders that we can be in 2021 and beyond."
"Through 2020, I have seen our leaders work tirelessly to care for our people, serve our clients and grow our business. But I personally know how difficult every challenge, set back and obstacle has been this year. It takes a lot of focus, resiliency and personal self-care and development in order to thrive as a leader and to drive our organization and our teams to greater success. That’s the reason I’m so excited about the Hero’s Journey program. I know the Hero’s Journey will provide significant ROI to me and the 10 members of my core leadership who are going to join me in this journey."
"My partner Carl Brown and I are super excited about the Hero's Journey program. Darren has done an excellent job over the past three years helping us develop our leadership team with INSANE PRODUCTIVITY & LUDICROUS that we can’t wait to take them and our company to the next level using the Hero’s Journey to do so."
"We are excited for the opportunity to be part of this inaugural event and for the continued growth we will experience next year, both personally and professionally as a team of 25. I’m confident this will be made even more possible with the Hero’s Journey."