#SummerReset Challenge
Join Darren and the A-Team in a summer reading challenge focused on The Compound Effect.

Get the reset you need to come charging out of summer so you can Hit Your Big Goals in 2021.
Speed Up While Everyone Else Suffers The Dreaded “Summer Slowdown”
Hi, Darren Hardy here.
For most, summer is typically the WORST time for productivity.
It’s when DRIFT happens.

The kids are home from school.
There are extended vacations.
Your calendar gets filled up with social activities.

And general lethargy sets in due to what is called the “Summer Slowdown”.

Slowly, you get off your normal schedule and start to lose focus on your big goals....
And before you know it, BAM! Big MO (momentum that is) is dead!

Several months go by and up comes the end of the year.

Sadly, you have the painful realization you’re too far behind.
And you lost the ability to achieve your big goals for the year.

Well not you. Not your team. Not anymore!
This will be just what you need to get reset and re-focused on your big goals for the second half of the year.

And you’ll be joined by a community of high-achievers who will become a fortress of support for you going forward.

So join us!

Be a part of the group that rises to the challenge.

Hope to see you there.

"Shows you how to leverage your special talents to maximize the opportunities surrounding you."

Brian Tracy
International Bestselling Author

"A brilliant formula for living an extraordinary life."

Jack Canfield
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"Real tools that can change your life and make your dreams a reality."

David Bach
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How The Challenge Works
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Starting Monday, July 12th, read or listen to one chapter ofThe Compound Effect each day for six days.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don’t own a copy of The Compound Effect?
Once registered for the challenge, Darren will buy you a copy. You’ll be given a private backdoor link via email so you can gain access.
Can I listen to the audiobook instead of reading each chapter?
Yes! This challenge is designed so you can consume the book based on your own preferences. On the A-Team, about half of us prefer reading physical books and half prefer listening to the audio. Either works!
When does this start?
The challenge officially kicks off on Monday, July 12th and will finish six days later on Saturday, July 17th.
What if I’ve read The Compound Effect before?
This is a great opportunity to rinse & repeat with Darren, the A-Team and the entire 'Be The Exception' Facebook community as well as invite your ‘fortress of support’ (accountability partners) along on the journey with you!
Do I have to pay for this?
The challenge is 100% paid for by Darren. It is free for you to participate.
What if I don’t get my book in time?
We’ve set it up so you’ll instantly receive access to the full audiobook as well as the ebook version so you’ll be able to get started with everyone on July 12th!
What if I fall behind?
Get back up! Listening or reading one chapter will take you less than an hour a day. This is what will help build your consistency muscle and build your success momentum to finish the year strong.
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